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Download Affinity - Joomla Template

Download Affinity - Joomla Template
Affinity is the July 2009 release from RocketTheme and features extensive third party support for powerful and popular community products, such as JomSocial, K2 and phpBB3. The template's core feature is Sortable Elements, which allows for the movement of modular rows, individual positions and stacks of modules.

We also have styled support for various RocketTheme Extensions such as RokTabs and RokAjaxSearch.

NOTICE: Affinity is a Joomla 1.5 only template.

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Features and Screenshots

* JomSocial Integration
* K2 Styling
* Community Builder Support
* Sortable Elements
* Complex Typography
* RT Extension Styling
* Javascript Form Styling
* Multi-Column Menu
* RokMoomenu, Suckerfish, Splitmenu menus
* 6 Preset Styles
* 35 Module Positions
* FF3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3, IE6,7,8 Compatible
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

Sortable Effects
Sortable is a primary and prominent feature of the Affinity release, allowing you the ability to interact with the layout of your site, by moving different areas of your site with graphically integrated handles. There are 3 types of movement which will be addressed below, horizontal area movement, vertical area movement, vertical modular movement.

NOTICE: PHP5 is required for the RokModuleOrder Plugin.

Third Party Extensions
Popular community applications are supported by Affinity, from custom overrides, graphics and styling. JomSocial, the community component; K2, the advanced content application; Community Builder, the profile extender; and phpBB3, with an accompanying style (phpBB3 club members only) are supported by the July 2009 template. More Details...

Affinity Documentation
Get started using Affinity with a wide variety of written and video tutorials explaining installation, configuration, custom modules, and much more More Details...

RocketTheme Extensions Documentation
For more information on the RocketTheme Extensions use in Affinity, with specific installation and usage instructions, then please visit the following: More Details...
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Download Affinity - Joomla Template

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