Mixxmag - RocketTheme Premium WordPress Theme
Mixxmag is the new October RocketTheme Wordpress theme. Mixxmag's structural efficiency is in full effect thanks to our very own table-less style design.

Control and flexibility are at the core of the style, from a wide selection of configurations and unique, functional inbuilt features such as our integrated menu system RokMoomenu and Simple Color Switcher. With stylish typography, javascript extras and an overall amazing design, Mixxmag is the perfect choice for you.

Features and Screenshots

* RokFeature
* RokBox
* 10 Stunning Preset Professional Styles
* Tableless Design
* 5 Unique Widget Variations
* 7 Widget Positions
* Widget Hilites
* Fully translatable
* Stylish, Professional Typography
* Source Adobe PNG Source Files Included
* FF3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3, IE6,7,8 Compatible
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

Amazing New RokFeature

Mixxmag showcases the new RokFeature addon. RokFeature is a sophisticated content slider/rotator. Whether through automation, or manual input, you can scroll through the various articles, viewing both a large image and its accompanying text. Hidden panels allow you to showcase both lengthy text items as well as the large image to use your real estate for optimum impact.

Great Flexibility

Mixxmag offers a wide array of layout configurations for displaying your content. Widgetized theme, widget hilites, and a lean CSS based layout provide a multitude of layout options. Mixing and matching configuration options allow you to create a great many different looks and layouts with just a single style.

Mixxmag Documentation

Get started using Mixxmag with a wide variety of tutorials explaining installation, configuration, custom modules, and much more

Download Mixxmag - RocketTheme Premium WordPress Theme click here
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Reaction - Joomla Template
Reaction, the December 2009 Club Template release, is the proud pioneer of the brand new Gantry Framework, a powerful construct that will be the firm foundation of all new templates to come. Gantry offers many great features, the most noticeable being the 960 grid layout, and the complex and intuitive administrative interface.

Alongside the new Gantry core, are many other features that are now synonymous with RocketTheme template releases such as the varying graphic detail options for each style variation, functional menus and integrated styling for a wide range of extensions.

Features and Screenshots

* Gantry Framework
* 6 Style Variations
* 18 Background Combinations
* RT Extensions Styling
* JComments Styling
* Custom Typography
* Javascript Form Styling
* Fusion Menu & SplitMenu
* 3 Module Variations
* Over 60 Module Positions
* FF3.5, Opera 9.6, Safari 4, IE6,7,8 Compatible
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid

Gantry Framework

The most noticeable feature of Reaction is most certainly its incorporation of the new Gantry Framework. Gantry is, as a basic definition, A framework used for assembling, building and maintaining a RocketTheme template. It is an advanced platform for dramatically extending the capabilities of the entire theming system of Joomla.

Please visit the link below to find more details and referrals to more extension information on Gantry More Details...

6 Styles, 18 Combinations!

An important aspect of Reaction is its design, and has 6 unique style variations in 18 combinations. Each preset style has 3 background levels: Low, Medium & High, which represent different levels of detailing. Therefore, with a simple parameter switch, you can pivotally change the theme from a conservative to a vibrant design. More Details...
NOTICE: RokNavMenu 1.7.5+ is required for the Reaction Menu to work.

Fusion Menu

Fusion is javascript-based dropdown menu system, with extensive functionality. The menu itself is built on the rewritten core of the latest revision of RokNavMenu, the core application behind all RocketTheme menus.

Fusion offers a series of new abilities ranging from Menu Icons, Subtext support and much greater controls over the Multiple Column ability for dropdowns. More Details...
All images sources in the Adobe Fireworks PNG format.

Download Reaction - Joomla Template click here
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Explorer - Joomla Template
Welcome 'Explorer', our new December Template. The Explorer template features really extensive themed variations for different purposes and different font-faces using CSS3. Like all our latest templates, Explorer is based on the Warp5 Joomla template framework.

Template variations at its best

This time we have taken it a step further, to provide you great looking variations for websites about Adventure trips, Traveling, Vacations, Sports and Blogging. Further to provide a overall consistent layout, every variation comes with it's own style for the modules. So make sure to check out every single template variation! This template also features a large top module position to publish your pictures or promotional content, e.g. in a YOOcarousel.

CSS3 Web Fonts

In Explorer, we used one of the great new features of CSS3, the font-face rule. With font-face you can enhance your website by using your favorite font. Just have a look at the article- and module headlines of this site. We also included different fonts for the templates variations.

Feature list

* Extensive themed template variations
* Built with the new Warp5 template framework
* Muti-column dropdown menu
* Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
* 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
* Compact size, using gzip and image sprites
* Works with all YOOtools

Download Explorer - Joomla Template click here
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Urani - Christmas Theme Special
JoomlArt team is delighted to announce December template JA Urani, a ready-made and versatile web page design with 2009 Xmas theme built in. As a regular release by JoomlArt, JA Urani also offers 7 other different color themes, some of which you might find a match for travel reviews or photo gallery sites.

The year 2009 is coming to close, we, at JoomlArt, would like to take this chance to thank you all for using our services and supporting us so far. The JA Urani marks the 85th theme, a rememberable number at JoomlArt Template Club. It greatly motivates us to know that our current and upcoming varieties of theme helpfully serve you as a good inspiration and time-saving resource for your custom need, both in terms of skin and functionality aspects.

Consistent with JA T3 framework, you can rest assure that the JA Urani is natively optimized for handheld, RTL and validates W3C standards. You can start a quick scan throughout 8 interfaces of JA Urani here.

An Overview of JA Urani features:

* Modern and beautiful web typeface
* 3 columns layout based template
* 8 color options: Default, blue, xmas, wood, green, light black, light brown and light moss
* Tableless design and 100% CSS-based
* Joomla 1.5.x compatible
* 4 Menu options: JA Split menu, JA Css menu, JA Moo menu, JA Mega menu
* XHTML 1.0 Transitional Check it ?
* CSS Validates Check it ?
* Valid 508 Accessibility
* Delivered with source .PSD and FONT files, Demo site sample database and detailed user guide which can be found in JA Urani downdoad and JA Urani forum.
* Well-commented template_css.css and index.php file for flexible customization

Download Urani - Christmas Theme Special click here
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Digital Farm - WooThemes Premium Wordpress Theme
This previous, vibrant blog design of Mark Forrester’s personal site was well received and showcased in many CSS galleries so boasts a solid track record. Bundled with a fully customizable header space, optional sidebar slider and a dedicated portfolio page, together with some minimal corporate alternate styles this theme caters for a wide market.

Download Digital Farm - WooThemes Premium Wordpress Theme click here
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Movie Plazza - Joomla Movie Reviews Website
Just like its name, Movie Plazza, this template was designed for a movie-themed website, or movie reviews (but it didn't mean it cannot be used for websites with other themes too)

To support the theme, we completed this template with TPFLV Player , a special plugin from us that was especially designed to play your own flv files and also completed with several interesting features, such as able to display your logo on the player screen, 4 costumized skins, and many others, so that it will enriched the function of your movie website.

Besides that, MoviePlazza is also completed with several extra modules, such as Login xtd module, Top box office module, Drop down xtd module (as part of the framework), tpbox 1 (updated), and many more.

Download Movie Plazza - Joomla Movie Reviews Website click here or here
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